452: Find Your Passion, Grow a Podcast, and Monetize It Using the Spreaker Platform with Podcaster Rob Greenlee

Rob Greenlee has been podcasting for over 13 years and is the head of Partnerships at Spreaker.com and BlogTalkRadio.com.

He's a 2017 Inductee into the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame, Is former EVP/CTO at PodcastOne.com in Beverly Hills, CA and former Content and Business Manager, Podcasts/TV at Microsoft’s Xbox Live and Zune. He currently hosts the SpreakerLiveShow.com podcast, Weds at 3pm PST and co-hosts NewMediaShow.com/live Live Sat at 9am PST/Noon EST.

We talk today about why you should use the Speaker platform for podcasting, its unique features (Skype recording, mobile app, live shows, easy migration and more), the essentials of podcasting (name, format, how it fits into your life, where you'll podcast physically, format and topic ideas), how to grow your podcast traffic (social media, tell-a-friend, organic search optimization, podcast guesting, TV, and guest blog posts) as well as how to monetize your podcast (affiliate links and monetization tools).


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