480: Build a Sustainable Business: Operate Strategically, Correct Your Mistakes, and Create Consistent Systems with Josh Patrick

Josh Patrick is a serial entrepreneur. He's the founder of The Sustainable Business and The Stage 2 Planning Group.

His new book is Sustainable: A Fable About Creating a Personal and Economically Sustainable Business. Josh talks to us about why it's okay for your employees to make mistakes, how to correct those mistakes, and what sort of disaster scenario planning you need to have in place to have a business that runs smoothly and makes money, but is also as hands-free for you, so you can focus on strategy.

He also explains the five step process we need to implement in order to create a sustainable lifestyle business:

  1. get clear on your values and mission (direction)
  2. make yourself operationally irrelevant (delegate)
  3. increase recurring revenue (a smooth sales process)
  4. systematize
  5. become economically viable


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