481: Six Practices In One Hour A Day, That Transform Your Life Day By Day with Gayle Guest-Brown

Gayle Guest-Brown is CEO and Executive Leadership Coach, Trainer and Speaker of Guest Brown Impact.

Guest Brown impact provides leadership training and keynote speeches on leadership topics to aid women's empowerment, teamwork, synergy and the effectiveness of organizations. She also provides one on one leadership coaching to women in leadership roles who are going through transitions or who feel lonely and isolated in their positions. As a confidential ally for work issues she unearths the wisdom of their lived experiences and their forgotten values so they can stand in their power and create their best solutions.

Gayle talks to us today about the six easy practices where she applies ten minutes a day in each of the following areas:

  1. silence/prayer
  2. reading
  3. affirmations (daily devotion)
  4. visualizations (vision board)
  5. journaling
  6. light exercise (5-10 minutes)


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