600: The Magical Profit-Producing Power of Following Up, Being Organized, and Persistent: 22 Things I Learned From Grant Cardone About Wealth, Mental Health, Happiness, Knowledge, and Making Money

For our 600th episode, we're going to talk about Grant Cardone, who I consider to be one of the top 10 marketers on the planet. Important to note: Grant doesn't know me and he does not appear in this episode. However, I've read (almost) all his books and bought a few other things from him, such as his 10XGrowthCon livestream. He brands himself as a sales trainer and is the best person to learn from if you're looking to up your game, develop a better work ethic, and connect better with your customers & employees.

He's definitely the hardest working person I've ever seen. If that makes me a kiss-ass, so be it:

  1. 10X rule: it takes 10 times the effort you think it will take, so set your goal, then 10-times that goal, and then 10-times the action you think you'll need to take to hit that goal (avoids "one foot on the brake")
  2. Get your money right
  3. Have a quiet workspace, rent an office, get employees
  4. You don't know if "too much" is too much until you've done it
  5. Grocery store rot: feed the beast, keep the traffic, clients, business, and money pouring in constantly
  6. You’re always selling (job, career, webinar, class) -- surpass your quota (quick personal videos)
  7. Be the most ethical person you know: "ethical" means telling as many people about your product because it’s unethical not to help them by selling it to them
  8. Most of us are introverted or shy (the thing you fear is the action you are putting off and should probably take). Be "social" even if you're introverted. Make thank you calls or send postcards to customers. "Someone canceled on me for lunch, let's have lunch."
  9. Daily meetings & quotas (measured progress): get into the habit of completion
  10. Most people don’t follow-up (36 voicemails, every business in Miami, eat lunch with people)
  11. Don't wait to get your ducks in a row before taking action: CRMs or spreadsheets? Just start dialing or contacting.
  12. Omnipresence (market yourself in so many places that people can’t ignore you
  13. Ramp up as your skill and efficiency improves (Brad Lea videos, morning vlogs, daily LinkedIn posts)
  14. Be difficult and ask for what you want
  15. Ask questions from prospects (buying a laptop story), mirror and always agree
  16. Scheduling & happiness: fill in so much in your schedule that the weeds can’t grow
  17. Be so busy that you haven’t even had time to watch your favorite tv show in weeks.
  18. Work weekends - don't take them off like everyone else does
  19. Write down your goals in the morning and at night
  20. If you have multiple jobs / streams of income, be looking for "complementary" skills, i.e. day job to learn coding and create plugins on the side... voiceover artists who get into podcast setup & editing
  21. Are you discouraged because someone hasn't called you back? How many times have you failed to call someone back? Call again.
  22. Even if they hate you, they’re still talking about you, so just be yourself


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