632: Diving Deep Within: Stop Being a Coach Resister, Use the Socratic Method, Discover Your Aspirational Self, and Become Coachable with Melinda Kelly

Melinda Kelly wants to know: are you a "coach resister?"

You're afraid to invest the money? Don't want to give up control to someone else? Think you know better and if you tough it out, it will get better? You've tried and it didn't work, so you won't give it another shot?

Until, maybe, the hammer comes down! Your business hits rock bottom, your partner leaves you, your health deserts you, you're so miserable you're loading up on anti-depressants?

That's usually when someone gets desperate enough to hire a coach. But Melinda J. Kelly says it's a mistake to wait that long when there are so many ways for you to thrive and succeed NOW with a coach that's right for you.

But there's more to it than just hiring a coach...you have to be ready, willing and have the right mindset to make the relationship succeed...and she tells you how you can go deeply within to prepare yourself for a coaching relationship that will take you far beyond what you can do on your own.

She provides the roadmap in today's podcast episode where we discuss Finding Your Coach and Diving Deep Within.


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