688: Income, Influence, Innovation and Impact: Reach a Wider Audience Using Active Podcasting with Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok from Practice of the Practice Podcasting talking about Podcasting to level up any type of Business.

Actual statistics of Podcasting show that this type of medium communication is the best way of letting your message come to a wider audience.

Statistics of Blog vs Youtube Channel vs Podcast (without Podcast Launch for the last 90 days) and Podcast (with Podcast Launch for the last 90 days)

Blog: minimal audience

YouTube: reaches an average amount of audience

Active Podcasting: reaches a greater amount of audience compared to the other two mediums

5 things to consider about Podcasting

  1. Why you should and Should not Do a podcast

Why you shouldn't start a podcast

- If you're satisfied with how things are going well in your business and don't want to expand your network, starting a podcast is just a waste of time.

- Doing podcast just for fame is not a good idea since it takes a whole lot of work doing a podcast.

Who and Why you should start a podcast

- any businesses who want to attract or reach a larger audience.

- any businesses who want to try new things, areas, or approach

- If you aspire for your company, services & products, offer, and practices to grow

- any businesses who want to expand their network-opening doors for new industries and influencers to bring business together

When you start a podcast consider below factors:

-Stay true to the core of your business 

-What and why your passionate about your business

-Listen to your customers, list all the questions or queries customers come to ask you about- create FAQs (Frequently asked Questions) and do it on podcast

  1. Structures of the Podcast

- How frequent do you launch a Podcast? Regular Podcast or Seasonal Podcast

Regular Podcast- doing it every single day or week.

Seasonal Podcast- launching episodes at once or over a period of time and host will take a break after a series of episodes

Note: Knowing the type of topics and how they are presented (i.e. conversational, ask the expert, Q & A) is very vital in sorting out the structure of your podcast.

  1. Planning the "now what" of your podcast

- call to action: is it email, webinar, e-course? Very important to determine before actually starting a podcast show because it will help you determine how will you

go about the show, for instance- solo shows, who to interview for expert shows, ideal clients/or guests to invite for live consultation

  1. Actual Starting of the Podcast

- Deciding what materials and equipments to use: good quality microphone, podcasting software

- organized schedule of guests to ensure their availability to guest on the podcast

  1. On going marketing of the podcast

Questions to ask?

- How are you going to market your podcast?

- Who should be invited? and where to look for them?

Other businesses' approach is: AUTOMATED EMAIL SEQUENCE

live webinar which leads into an eCourse, which then leads into being able to make more money.

Marketing strategies are vital in realizing the business' full potential and will help you realize how your business will level up in the aspects of: INCOME, INFLUENCE, INNOVATION & IMPACT

Practice of the Practice Podcasting will release an e-course on 2020 called Podcast Launch School. Subsequently, they also have an article covering 27 tips, tricks and strategies, to help launch a podcast 

which is free at podcastlaunchschool.com.

Additional Tips on Podcasting

  1. Block out the time and free yourself from other obligations and just focus on working the podcast( interview, editing, deciding who to invite etc). 

Be organized and stick through the flow of your podcast

  1. Optimize your time- Be resourceful and innovative. For example, a single zoom recording of your podcast can be repurposed and used for different platforms.

A zoom recording can be uploaded as a Youtube video, transcript of the video can be posted on a blog with an embedded link of the recording, or putting it into an email 

sequence. Can also be uploaded on Instagram, facebook, and other social media platforms. In that case, information will reach a larger scale of different types of audiences.

Final takeaway:

Your time is precious. Decide if starting a podcast for your business is WORTH YOUR TIME.

Do as much research as you can, optimize and be resourceful, talk to people who have done podcasting successfully.

When you decide to start a podcast, go to podcastlaunchschool.com for helpful tips and notes.



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