768: Change Your Mind, Change Your Results, and Get What You Want Out of Life Shawn Shewchuk

For most of us, success seems to be very far of reach and completely evasive. We look around us and we see people getting what they want with left and right and achievements, living happily and fulfilling lives, but somehow you can’t help question yourself why it isn’t working and happening for you.

What can YOU do to change your results? Author, international speaker, and results coach from Change Your Results, Shawn Shewchuk, knows exactly how that feels. As he joins us in the episode today, he shares how he discovered finding real wealth and living a prosperous life drawn from his personal experiences, and imparts firsthand what works and what doesn’t.  Shawn is a motivated and success driven serial entrepreneur, constantly identifying and pursuing new opportunities to serve others. He has been described as the “Results Specialist”, who facilitates a positive outcome for others. Every individual or organization that Shawn partners with, benefits from his extensive network of contacts and friends. Whether it is in the aspect of business, career, or relationship, you can definitely achieve your objectives!

Now is your chance to step of that cycle and create a different, more prosperous life for yourself. It all starts with a decision. Stay tuned and don’t miss out as Shawn gives you the proven methodologies you need to make your own desired results a reality.


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