767: Rethink Academy: Understand Your Market to Build a Coaching Business and Achieve Passive Income with Jason Osborn

One of the challenges in digital marketing strategy is to create a personalized approach to all clients. How can you possibly personalize an approach to all of your different customers? In this digital age, using social media and other online platforms can be a curse or a blessing to businessmen.

One thing is for sure, people want to work with a business that continually gives them value. Be that business who creates and effective digital marketing strategy that helps build trust with their online audience. Jason Osborn from ReThink Academy joins us in this episode.

He is an accomplished speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of Easy Coaching Masterly. He started establishing himself in the business world at a young age and back in 2009, he became a life coach and built his personal development business. Following his success, Jason switched gears and became an online marketing consultant.

He is now the head coach of ReThink Academy Ltd and is determined to drive his company to become the number one coaching program in the United Kingdom. Let’s together learn how we can get our business started, generate more leads, scale it, and gain build trustworthy relationships with our clients.


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