769: Power Tribes, Certification Programs, and Scaling Your Coaching Business with Mitch Russo

Are you looking to revamp your marketing results? Do you want to know the secret to getting the attention of the right audience who you want to sell your products to? If you believe that you have a product or service that causes transformation in others, be ready to teach someone to that same transformation and get the same results as you, and build a Power Tribe!

If you are ready to get started, Mitch Russo is the perfect guy for you. He helps Founders, CEOs, Authors, and Coaches build 8 figure companies by maximizing resources, deploying technology and streamlining systems and processes. He is the Founder of Power Tribes where he helps 7 figure companies add multiple recurring revenue streams. Mitch is the go-to person for companies that want to build a quality certification program. Not just that, this certification can ultimately explode your business.

Imagine your loyal followers paying you every year to close your sales, support your customers/clients and create new recurring revenue streams for you. In this episode, we get to discover how we can design a heart-centered selling system and new recurring revenue streams by building a certification program with members who pay you for selling your products and services. 

Mitch has partnered with multiple businesses like Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes to get certifications and creating business breakthroughs in their respective businesses. With his years of experience, he has become the expert to guide in your business to get the outcome that you truly yearn for. Stay tuned to this very exciting and informative episode!


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