887: Share Your Message by Writing a Book with Ben Gioia

Do you have hang-ups about writing your book? Have you always wanted to write your book but thought it was a dream that was just too far out of your grasp? Writing a book, stepping into your power, taking your stand, and sharing your voice with the world are terrifying. But nobody else is capable of writing the book that you will write. It is because you’re unique and have skills, experience, and expertise that is different from others. 

For Ben, being able to help people write books is a beautiful thing. Because when people write books, they get to share their message, offer their own transformational experience of writing the book, make an impact with their message, tell their story, and be able to be more of who they are. In this episode, Ben Gioia will talk about writing your book, making it easy, making it fun, and making it a doable thing.


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