910: Assertive Yield: Reduce Your Ad Costs and Increase Your Revenue In Real-Time with Ryan Abrahams

Assertive Yield is a real-time analytics platform. They are one of the few businesses on the planet that can provide you with real-time reporting on the revenue generated by your own website. It is a one-stop shop with extremely detailed information. Additionally, it can include game-changing features that will enable you to manage your entire inventory more effectively and wisely. By giving you access to your first-party granular data in real time and allowing you to view all of your revenue streams in one location across hundreds of dimensions and metrics extended with your custom data segments and audiences, it enables you to find new ways to monetize your content. Increasing your sales by optimizing your company’s brand and visibility has never been easier.

In this episode, we have Ryan Abrahams, the Chief Revenue Officer of Assertive Yield. Assertive Yield is the newest way to conduct business online through real-time analytics. Gone are the old ways of using yesterday’s data to try and optimize one’s programmatic advertising stack and losing revenue through certain errors. Ryan also has a career in AdTech Programmatic Sales, Admeld, and MOBI media brands. He is in charge of maximizing a company's brand and exposure within the publishing and ad tech ecosystems, driving new client acquisition, and growing sales. In today's episode, Ryan and Robert will talk about Assertive Yield, yield optimization, queries per second, revenue intelligence, and more!


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