915: Press Jockey: Targeted Press Requests, Publicity, and Get More Brand Exposure With Cahill Camden

Are you struggling to connect with dozens of press requests? Truly, it is a hassle to go through thousands of requests every single day. Manually checking and replying to each request is time-consuming work, but you have no choice as it is necessary for your brand. If you are one of the businesses that are experiencing this problem, worry no more as your struggles will be ended. With Press Jockey, you can reach thousands of targeted press requests in no time without exerting much effort, and relevant opportunities will come hassle-free

Cahill Camden, Forbes contributor, best-selling author, and the CEO of Digital Vision Media Group and Press Jockey. Today, he will share how Press Jockey will help you get more targeted press requests, find relevant matches, and have good templates that you can customise per question, all to aid your brand gain exposure and finding opportunities.


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