916: OmniConvert: Turn One-Time Buyers Into Lifetime Customers, Data Driven Growth, And Customer Value Optimization Through Stats and Analytics With Valentin Radu

Business is all about customers, and so you need to focus your aim on them. Sadly, many businesses are failing to give value to their customers, or not solving the problems inside their business that they should address instead of changing products. As such, retail companies should look for Customer Value Optimization, wherein planning, researching, identifying, and diagnosing are done to ensure customers will be valued. Meet OmniConvert, a company that will assist retail companies in creating smart marketing campaigns that matter to consumers.

Valentin Radu, the founder of OmniConvert, pioneered the Customer Value Optimization (CVO) movement and helped retail companies turn one-time buyers into lifetime customers. Today, he will discuss what CVO is and why focusing on giving value to your core customers and reinforcing acquisition will be more beneficial than finding more customers through ads.


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