934: From Music Producer to Solar Sales Entrepreneur: Master the Art of Selling with Bryan Gentry

It's fascinating to hear about unique experiences with sales. It's true that networking and building relationships are crucial in any industry, but are they enough? What else is needed to succeed in your business? Is it talent? Being in the music industry, Bryan believes that it is not just talent that gets you ahead, but also the ability to sell yourself and your ideas. It's clear that his dedication and hard work have paid off, as evidenced by his success in the music industry. 

Bryian Gentry is the author of "21 Hacks to Sell More Deals". Bryan is an American entrepreneur, music producer, and songwriter with vast experience in the solar sales industry. He has a successful career in music publishing, and his music can be found on Disney, Sony Music, Bravo, Fox, and TMZ. In this episode, Bryan shares his insights on sales, positivity, referrals, lead generation, and much more. He provided practical tips that you can apply to your sales strategies, helping you to sell more deals and achieve greater success!


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