935: Website Closers: Buy and Sell Online Businesses To Get Your Maximum Exit with Nate Lind

Are you considering selling your company but are confused about where to begin? Maybe you don't get the top of the market. However, you want to be in a position to sell when both the value of your company and your stock are increasing. 

Nate Lind is the author of Maximum Exit: The Definitive Guide for Internet & Technology-Focused Business Founders and a business broker at Website Closers, the largest marketplace of 1 million to $150 million internet technology and E-commerce businesses. Nate supports those looking to buy or sell online businesses in completing a deal without experiencing any difficulties with the listing, due diligence, or closing procedures. In this episode, Nate will talk about the best time to sell your business, the fun of buying and selling a business, the key to winning transactions, the right size business to invest in, the best type of business to focus on, and the importance of having a backup plan.


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