936: Pardigm: Monitor Your Body, Balance Your Cortisol To Live Long and Healthy with AI Technology and Medical Pioneer Entrepreneur Wibe Wagemans

Everyone desires to have good health and live long to do what they like and spend time with their loved ones. But with the world we live in right now, where unhealthy foods and stressful environments are all over the place, people struggle to be healthy or spend a lot of time living. So how can you be healthy and live long? By focusing on your diet, knowing the situation in your body, and monitoring your glucose and cortisol, your desire to have good health and live long is in your hands.

Wibe Wagemans is a serial entrepreneur and a mobile and AI technology pioneer. He is also the CEO of Pardigm and the author of the books The Secret of Silicon Valley and Cortisol: The Master Hormone. In this episode, Wibe discusses how monitoring data in our body, such as glucose and cortisol, will help us to achieve a healthy life away from life-threatening diseases. He will also share tips, advice, and stories about tracking and balancing cortisols inside our bodies. So stay tuned to learn more.


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