955: A Symphony of Choices: Lead Teams, Set Goals, and Allocate Resources Through Insightful Leadership with Gerald J. Leonard

Strategies for decision-making and management play a crucial role in the success of any organization. Effective decision-making involves analyzing information, considering alternatives, and choosing the best course of action. Furthermore, adept management requires the ability to lead teams, set goals, and allocate resources efficiently. By implementing well-defined strategies for decision-making and management, businesses can enhance productivity, foster a positive work environment, and achieve their objectives with confidence.

Gerald J. Leonard is the CEO of Principles of Execution (PofE), a Certified Minority Business Enterprise, renowned for his 20+ years of expertise in Strategic Project Portfolio Management and Culture Change consulting. With a captivating blend of skills as a professional bassist and a certified Portfolio Management Professional consultant, Gerald offers a distinctive and insightful approach to driving success for large Federal and State Governments and Multinational Corporations. Today, Gerald will talk about his forthcoming book titled "A Symphony of Choices," encompassing themes of harmony, adaptive leadership, emotional intelligence, and other insightful topics.


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