956: ClickMakers and MeasureBit: The Big Data Multi-Channel Marketing Takeover with Alex Makarski

Ever wondered how giants like Amazon, Google, and Facebook constantly stay ahead of the curve, delivering personalized experiences to their users and streamlining their operations? What if you could tap into the same secret sauce and supercharge your own business? The secret lies in their strategic use of big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – the hidden game-changers of the modern business world. Transform your business into a lean, agile, and highly competitive entity.

Alex Makarski is the Founder of clickmakers.io and co-Founder of measurebit.com. Alex builds digital media buying and data consulting teams who thrive on data and innovate in the areas of data integration, attribution, data augmentation, AI/ML-aided media buying, and decision-making. Certified by AdSkills, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, The Trade Desk, and StackAdapt, Alex and his team have managed millions of dollars in monthly ad spend for companies ranging from open-source software to lead generation, and from eCommerce to digital products. Listen, learn, and leverage these powerful technologies to drive innovative strategies, optimize operational efficiency, and create a competitive edge in your marketplace. Stay tuned!


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