984: Wilde AI Customer LTV Prediction Platform: Growth Potential in Data Science Tools for B2C E-Commerce with Clint Dunn

Data science is no longer the exclusive domain of giant corporations; it has become an equalizing force in the E-commerce industry. Smaller businesses have the opportunity to leverage data-driven insights and compete more effectively in the digital marketplace. As E-commerce continues to evolve, embracing data science can be a transformative step for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to better serve their customers and drive growth.

Clint Dunn is a pioneer in the field of predictive analytics and founder of Wilde.ai. With a rich background at Afterpay and HairStory, Clint shares his expertise on leveraging data science to predict customer behavior, lifetime value (LTV), and churn. This episode dives deep into how ecommerce and retail companies can use predictive analytics to make informed decisions, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive profitability. Listen in to discover how companies like yours can benefit from data-driven strategies to not just survive but thrive in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Key Talking Points

[00:06] Introduction to Clint Dunn and Wilde.ai: Clint Dunn discusses his background and the mission of Wilde.ai, focusing on helping ecommerce and retail companies predict customer behavior to optimize lifetime value and reduce churn.
[00:59] Target Audience and Use Cases for Wilde.ai: Clint elaborates on how Wilde.ai serves retail and ecommerce companies by analyzing customer data to predict future behaviors, emphasizing the tool’s role in various business functions from marketing to customer service.
[04:59] Integration and Data Requirements: Discussion on the technical prerequisites for utilizing Wilde.ai, including the necessity of a data warehouse and the ideal data history required to ensure accurate predictions.
[06:44] Real-world Impact and Case Studies: Clint shares a compelling case study where Wilde.ai identified a significant issue with a company’s subscription model, leading to the recovery of substantial revenue.
[10:31] Customer Purchase Frequencies and Industry Insights: Insights into different buying patterns across industries like fashion and beauty, emphasizing the importance of focusing on high-value customers.
[15:16] Overview of Wilde.ai’s Features and Benefits: Clint provides a concise summary of Wilde.ai’s capabilities, primarily focusing on predicting customer spending and return probabilities.
[18:22] How to Engage with Wilde.ai: Clint invites listeners to explore Wilde.ai and offers a special opportunity for a free audit for podcast listeners, emphasizing the easy accessibility of the service.

Actionable Takeaways:

  • Audit Your Data: Contact Wilde.ai to take advantage of their free audit offer and gain insights into your customer base’s health.
  • Focus on High-Value Customers: Use predictive analytics to identify and prioritize engagement with your most valuable customers to maximize ROI.
  • Leverage Customer Data: Ensure your ecommerce platform integrates seamlessly with a data warehouse to control and utilize your customer data effectively.
  • Educate Yourself: Explore books and resources by Peter Fader to better understand customer-centric analytics and its implications for your business strategy.


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