987: Qry E-Commerce Marketing Agency: Level Up Your Ecommerce Business with Samir Balwani

During the pandemic, online products and services skyrocketed, rewarding e-commerce business greatly. But as we transition back to normal, consumer spending habits have changed, and if businesses don’t take action accordingly, they will lose. So to address the problem, businesses need to avoid focusing too much on trends, but rather see the picture as a whole and how people will need their product. Properly using the power of social media is also a way to continue the growth of businesses.

Samir Balwani is the CEO of Qry, an e-commerce marketing agency that helps e-commerce brands implement strategies to scale and grow., Today, Samir will discuss e-commerce growth strategies, mistakes you should avoid, and the importance of building a community around your brand. Tune in to learn more!


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