988: The New Manager Mindset and Food Leadership Group: Keep Customers Happy By Balancing Cost, Quality, and Feedback with Bryan Armentrout

Food is one of the essential things humans need to live. With high-quality and safe food, you can never go wrong in doing a food business. However, with challenges such as inflation, companies cut the cost of their expenses, impacting the quality of their food. And if the product does not make consumers happy, they won’t buy it, and the sales will decrease. Therefore, finding the right balance of the cost without impacting the quality is the key. No matter what happens, prioritize the joy of the people consuming your products.

Bryan Armentrout is the founder of The Food Leadership Group, a firm specializing in helping food companies deliver safe and high-quality food products. Bryan is also the author of the book “The New Manager Mindset: How to Master the Four Secrets of Leadership that College Doesn't Teach You.” Today, Bryan will talk about the importance of maintaining the quality of the products, ensuring safety in food, the problems food companies face today, the potential of artificial intelligence in the food industry, and more.


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