007: Run a Webinar to Multiply Your Income and Profits

This is going to be the LAST episode of the Robert Plank Show unless I can get 10 people to comment on the post below responding to this week's episode. Topics covered:

  • The exact webinar service to use, and why you need to run it live, not pre-recorded
  • Why you REALLY want to run webinars this very week, if not sooner (and it's not the typical answer you think)
  • The danger of "no pitch" events and the real reason people allow them to hurt their business
  • How to pitch and close on webinars (this is much simpler and easier than what most others teach)
  • The simple 4-step formula to planning out any 1-hour webinar in just a few minutes
  • And much more!
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Comments (39)

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  1. Oscar says:

    Don’t cancel Robert’s show!!

    It’s been filled with valuable tips and insight.

  2. Matt Detrick says:


    Thank you for producing such valuable content, especially regarding webinars. I’ve used webinars myself and agree they are not as difficult as some people make them out to be. As long as the webinar host is real, open, and authentic, I would say running a webinar to multiple income and profits becomes second nature quite easily.


    Matt Detrick

  3. Thomas says:

    keep up the Robert Plank podcasts. You and Lance provide a mark to aspire too, with information to help the aspiration. KEEP GOING!!!

  4. Gabby says:

    Hey Robert P,

    Your show is a great asset, I value your teachings tremendously, Closing down your show would be a disaster to those of us that follow you and your training.

    Make it a great day,


  5. Hey Robert,

    I don’t normally comment on your posts, but since you made it clear that you would cancel the Robert Plank show if you didn’t get enough comments, here it is.

    I’ve been following you, your blog and your podcasts for a few years now and I always have a valuable take-away.

    I for one, would like you to keep doing the Robert Plank Show, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.

    You’re like a walking book of knowledge and lots of people (myself included) would be missing out on tons of valuable information that helps us grow our businesses.

    Please consider keeping it going, though I certainly understand cancelling if there isn’t a big enough following, after all, business is business.


    Bertram Heath Sr.

  6. Ray McArthur says:

    Hi Robert
    You are aware it is better to give
    than to receive keep giving Sir it all comes
    back around
    Thank you.

  7. David says:

    Thanks. This info was helpful. Also thanks for providing the transcript because I was able to get through that in a few minutes compared to listening to the podcast. I don’t know what that says about the value of podcasts, but in this case it was just quicker and easier, and there really was no need to sit and listen slowly through a whole presentation.

  8. Jenny says:

    Hey Robert,
    NO, don’t go! I’m listening! I don;t think we have 4G in Australia yet…. or not in the way you have in the US that you’ve described.
    I really enjoy your work, thanks for the tips, your ideas keep me going!

  9. Joseph Simpson says:

    Thanks so much, Robert! Each new piece brings the puzzle closer to completion! Be well always!

  10. Joshua says:

    Robert, hey what’s up?, Just want to say everything you have done has been awesome. As for canceling the show, wow, what a big mistake. (Like you have taught us all that once you have it up on the web, that’s half the battle, you can always add to or make it better later, just get something up, and start driving traffic to it) That may not be exactly how you said it, so I hope I am close. I had a couple of things up before, left them go and so regretting it. Your straight to the point attitude, is great. Again thanks for all you do, and what a great mentor you have been.

  11. Rick Howard says:

    OK Robert, You go me to say something. The work you do is something else. Keep it up. Alas good work should not be denied.

    Rick Howard

  12. Ken Jameson says:

    Keep up the good work …

  13. Tim says:

    Love the podcasts and Webinar Crusher. Did my first webinar a couple of weeks ago and my plans for 2013 are to run more webinars to multiply my income and profits so your podcast was perfect! Keep them coming!

  14. Alex says:

    Don’t shut down!!!!

  15. Noooo! Don’t cancel, Robert! I came here as soon as I got the email. 🙂

    Honestly, the idea of webinars scared the living daylights out of me. But you’ve given me enough “baby step” information that it no longer seems like this huge intimidating thing.

    Also, the ONLY reason I’m this close *holding fingers a quarter-inch apart* to having my own podcast is because of Podcast Crusher. I’ve been in the middle of a move the last couple weeks, but as soon as I’m a little settled subscribing to your podcast is high on my “to-do for my online business” list.

    I’d hate to miss out on your awesome tips. You and Lance are one of the big reasons I’m actually starting to build a following and getting a reaction to my business!

  16. Ken says:


    Don’t stop!

  17. Jeanine says:

    NO,NO, say it ain’t so!
    This AND the Fiscal Cliff!!
    How much can we take????

  18. Sidika says:

    Well, that little ploy certainly worked well! Keep them coming Robert! Good timing as I’m running a webinar on Monday.

  19. Carole Lawrence says:

    Hi Robert,
    I really appreciate the help you and Lance have gave while creating and publishing the Podcast Crusher product. I just haven’t gotten to the point where I’m taking advantage of the info in your Pod Casts. Hopefully I’ll be catching up soon.

    I hope you don’t quit doing the show yet. It’s keeping me motivated.

    Thanks so much for your kind work.

  20. tom armstrong says:

    The Robert Plank Podcast Show must, absolutely must, go on!

  21. tom armstrong says:

    In fact, to be sure you get enough comments to keep it going, how about counting up all the comments so far and doubling the number!!

  22. tom armstrong says:

    Kind of like Double Word Score in Scrabble!

    See there, 3 comments from me alone.

  23. Karen Corey says:

    Cancelling would only be tolerated if you have another better show to offer. I have a new career because of this show and person. Thank you!
    Blessings Abound!

  24. NOOOOO!!!! Don’t cancel!!! I haven’t had a chance to truly absorb all your terrific content yet!!! Don’t cancel!

  25. You know I’m a BIG fan, Robert. You’ve shown so many of us the joys of podcasting, I’m sure you’ll continue to lead the way! Stay on the air, my friend.

  26. Keith Little says:

    Robert Who?????

    Ok Ok, just kidding.

    I am having the time of my life creating podcasts. I’m using this to do a couple of things. First to educate. I’m a firm believer that we must educate. Tell people things that they must know.

    That builds authority.

    My focus is to help the business community to have an optimized website that converts visitors into customers.

    My podcasts will help people discover the many aspects of using the internet to improve their business.

    Roberts’s ideas are always food for thought. As we know there is always something new to learn that we can then in turn pass along.

    If you happen to just have come across this blog and have not yet looked at podcastcrusher.com I suggest you take a minute and do so.

    You will be glad you did.

    Thanks Robert


  27. Judy Adler says:

    I always learn something from your webinars, but there is so much that I already know (and have heard before). It is a bit tedious to listen to the presentation. I really liked having the transcription. Once I realized that the transcription was accurate, I stopped listening and then finished up by quickly reading the transcription. Who creates such accurate transcriptions for you and how much does it cost? Thanks for all the info. Judy

  28. Mary says:

    Love your stuff Robert

  29. Keep up the podcast, Robert! 🙂

  30. Jamie Wyatt says:

    The people have spoken! Keep the Robert Plank Show, please!

  31. Please keep it up, Robert. I appreciate your valuable information.

  32. shirl says:

    Thank You.

  33. Mario says:

    No Way Dude!

    Awesome show. awesome info…
    Rock On!

  34. Ray Edwards says:

    I’m glad to see the show will survive! 🙂

  35. Jurgen says:

    Love Robert’s Podcasts. And if you haven’t bought his Podcast Crusher or any other product from him, you are doing yourself a disfavor. Another killer product you MUST have a look at is Membership Cube with Robert and Lance Tamashiro. And no, I am not getting paid by either Robert or Lance to promote their products, and neither will you see any affiliate links here.

    You can’t afford to let this podcast end!

    I’m sure you got TONS out of Robert’s Podcasts. And if you don’t, you are obviously not listening to them!

    Take a break, and listen… Not only will you get amazing info, but you’ll get amazing access to products you ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE.

    Love your podcasts, Robert. And love your and Lance’s products too.

  36. Don’t go you are the only source of information that I trust.

  37. Colin Callahan says:

    Keep it going Robert.

  38. Good info on webinars.

  39. David says:

    Keep it rolling Robert!

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