080: A Day in the Life of Successful Internet Marketer Robert Plank

Ever wonder what those successful internet marketers do all day? Probably less than you, and that's why they make more money. Let's talk about how to "work" smarter (and not harder) to do more in less time, just like the "big guys" do...

  • Catchphrase of the Week: make your own luck
  • Quote of the Week: "Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction." -- Harry S Truman
  • Marketer of the Week: Mark Hess (give your buyers exactly what they want, understand what leads them to buy from you, race to the inbox)

How to Be Happier, More Organized, and More Productive

  • Thought #1: What's Good About This?
  • Thought #2: Be Desperate to Reduce Clutter
  • Thought #3: Because I Can (silence the haters)
  • Try things out of curiosity to see what response I get.
  • If I repeat those things, then they worked! Watch that too.

A Day in the Life of Robert Plank

  • morning routine?
  • send a quick email every day
  • meditation? reading?
  • time management: don't check email in the morning, don't multitask, get everything done before the afternoon
  • appointment based business
  • Four Daily Tasks
  • Income Machine
  • help desk, checklist, system
  • send an email every day or build up your list to the point where sending an email is worthwhile.

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