093: Simplify, Become Desperate to Reduce Clutter, Get Your Life Back, Eliminate Procrastination (And Burnout and Overload) and Increase Motivation

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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." -- Leonardo da Vinci

  1. Only think three "content ideas" ahead (i.e. podcast episodes)
  2. Have your own system or weekly structure. Promote ONE thing this week, email every day, and have a webinar in the middle if possible
  3. Don't check email, Facebook, or Skype for a few days. The world will still be there when you come back.
  4. Four Daily Tasks: all money making tasks, and one of them is some form of content creation
  5. Don't Force It: if you can't seem to get anything done, get away from the computer, but also get away from TV and your phone (possibly, read to collect your thoughts). Get back "in state."
  6. Stop Multitasking: Turn off all pop-ups and keep your phone out of your office (or in a drawer) so you can focus on those money-making tasks
  7. It's Just One Hour: Time yourself and put even one focused hour (all other windows closed) on a timer for your business
  8. Clear files off your desktop every week (into a monthly "overflow" folder)
  9. Don't have a notebook filled with ideas. I have one single piece of paper and one pen on my desk to take notes, then I delete them.
  10. File everything away and have it on auto-backup. I have a G-SAFE external drive and Cloudberry Backup running every night to Amazon S3.

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