092: Master Free Google Traffic and Search Engine Optimization (Ten Quick WordPress SEO Ranking Factors)

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"Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely." -- Henry Ford

Loopholes, superstition (H1 tags, meta tags, duplicate content), shortcuts/hacks, or a "good" user experience? Dwell time and human reviewers.
Consistently put out content (at least once a week), promote it using Facebook, Twitter, eClincher, Zapier -- save "temporary" content like webinars, Periscopes, Snapchats, FB live into YouTube, iTunes, etc.

1. Use WordPress and a mobile theme (built-in or WP Touch)
2. Install All in One SEO Pack and Google XML Sitemaps plugins
3. Install W3 Total Cache and set it to minify JavaScript and CSS -- this will shave a few seconds off load time and give you a boost (and use Google PageSpeed Insights and tools.pingdom.com)
4. Add 10 years on the domain (only gives a slight boost but is easy to do)
5. Verify the site with Google Webmaster Tools (and Add Google Analytics code if you know how to do that)
6. Buy an SSL certificate and redirect the site to 100% forced SSL (a little bit of work)
7. Link to your legal pages at the bottom of every page. Terms and conditions, earnings disclaimer, and especially a privacy policy (PaperTemplate.com is great for this)
8. Add a physical mailing address and a phone number at the bottom of every page, even if it's just a PO box and a Google Voice number.
9. Load up your WordPress ping list
10. The next step for my blog: Signup for Facebook Instant Articles and install the plugin (this is new and I haven't done it yet)

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