097: Buy Now Buttons & Low Hanging Fruit: Increase Online Sales Using Launch Scarcity in Your Digital Offers, Landing Pages, and Sales Letters (with Real Case Studies)

Question of the Day: Why is offering a 50% discount a really bad idea with your online business?

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Quote of the Day: "The fears we don't face become our limits." -- Robin Sharma
Thought of the Day: Don't have "just" a traffic or AdSense or guitar course.

  1. add a buy button even if you don't have time for anything else
  2. offer: create a package or solution, not just a "product" (4 modules + 3 bonuses, what else can you throw in to make it complete?)
  3. hook: what's the one thing that tells people, I need it now? (that takes 10 seconds to explain)
  4. basic copywriting: benefits (what you can do with it) instead of "just" features (what it is), Attention-Interest-Desire-Action ordering
  5. deadline: close the offer (take a risk)
  6. countdown clock
  7. explain reasons not to wait
  8. followup: send multiple emails or make multiple posts explaining why they should buy now
  9. waiting list: don't "just" close an offer, add an optin form so they can sign up for updates when you re-open
  10. multiple levels of urgency: bump the price, remove a bonus, remove the payment plan
  11. price training: stick to your guns with the deadline. Train your customers to take your deadlines seriously.
  12. evergreen content: re-market your pitch webinars, podcast episodes, PDF reports and blog posts for re-launching later

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