557: Break Outside Your Comfort Zone, Move Faster, and Be Your Best: Run a Goal-Oriented, Self-Aware, Optimized Online Business with Philip Williams

Philip Williams has been learning about small businesses since the age of 8 at the family dinner table . Raised by a Barber Shop and Auto Salvage Yard owner, Philip climbed the corporate ladder outside the family business. He’s worked in several different industries helping companies solve the right problems first.

He's a 3-time Inc5000 honoree after becoming the CEO of a 17 year old cash strapped company and growing it at 50% per year for 5 straight years. That resulted in two nearly simultaneous acquisition offers from two publicly traded multi-national corporations. He accomplished it all by bootstrapping the business - no outside money.

He's bought and sold a couple companies and been through the highs and lows you can only experience through small business ownership. Today, he helps small business owners build profitable and well respected companies through his consulting firm.


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