596: Rock Your Lifestyle, Live Life to the Fullest, and Transform Your Life with Jenny Holla

Jenny Holla is a life adventurist, world traveler, author of Rock Your Lifestyle and the co-founder of 2jHolla. Jenny is on a mission to awaken deep transformational life change in leaders and executives who are looking for more free time, energy, connection and who crave more out of life. As far back as she can remember, she has been motivated to love what she is doing, no matter what. She's always been drawn to adventure, new experiences, meeting new people and seeing the world.

You can get a dose of inspiration from Jenny and her husband, Jai Holla (co-founder of 2jHolla), on their show The Hollastic Life with J&J, LIVE via Facebook every Sunday at 8pm EST. They cover many topics about holistic living including wellness, finances, relationships and travel.

Jenny is here to tell us about about her three secrets: confidence, active listening, and followup. She also explains how she was able to transition from a stressful existence into an ideal stress-free, money-making lifestyle on her own terms.


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