597: How to Go Viral: Conflict, Narrative Tension, Emotional Messaging, Anger, Anxiety, and Awe with Joe Romm

Joe Romm, named one of Rolling Stone’s "100 people who are changing America," has a game-changing new book, "How to Go Viral and Reach Millions." Romm is "the communicator's communicator," blurbs Van Jones, host of CNN’s The Van Jones Show.

"How to Go Viral" is the first book to reveal all the latest secrets for consistently generating viral online content—words, images, or videos that are seen and shared by hundreds of thousands and eventually even millions of people, something Romm and his colleagues in three different organizations achieve routinely.

Joe is here to talk about how to create viral content that grabs attentions, connects emotionally, and has all the correct "mechanics" in place, i.e. winning headlines.


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