851: Wunderkind: Find Fulfillment and Unleash Your Own Individuality in the Workplace with Alli Trusell

People management and ensuring that qualified workers, are assigned in their optimal position of competency are crucial to achieving exponential growth in the following years. Simply preventing obstacles in the process is vital for sustainability and efficiency, as is supporting people in feeling valued, excited, and committed to the work they accomplish. In this episode, Alli Trussell, Chief of Staff at Wunderkind, one of the fastest-growing SaaS and marketing firms in the United States. With extensive experience in people management, talent acquisition, and departmental development, Alli is at the heart of Wunderkind's large internal operations. She is passionate about employee success and has made it her professional mission to rebrand "Career Pathing" as "Performance Management." She highlights the need to retain individuals in their fields of expertise and other aspects of people management for efficiency. To learn more, keep tuning in!


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