899: Real Estate Basics: What To Do, What To Avoid, and Become a Successful Real Estate Investor With Peter Vekselman

Do you want to enter the world of real estate? Are you hesitant because of the large risk it has? Everyone desires to be a real estate investor because of the huge cash it brings, but little do they know that it only has a 3-5% success rate. The root of people's problems is that they are trying to put different things together, not understanding how they fit. However, this problem could be solved by acquiring everything from just one trustable source, having a coordinated piece and building an assembly line.

Peter Vekselman, a well-seasoned investor,  a long-time real estate leader, and Partner Driven's founder. Today, he will share what you should look out for and what you should avoid in entering the realm of real estate investing. He will also tell amazing stories of successful people that will inspire you to keep pushing into the next level of your life.


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