17 Ways to Instantly Increase Your Productivity Starting in the Next Few Minutes

  1. Complete four daily tasks (of one hour each) every single day
  2. Run Cool Timer to time-box each task and make sure you complete them on time
  3. Clear your desk of all papers, clocks, cell phones, and TVs right now!
  4. Ditch Outlook and use Gmail for your email (don't forget to Archive or Delete emails whenever possible)
  5. Leave your computer on overnight, plan your four tasks the night before and leave whatever programs (like Camtasia or Word) open for the next day
  6. Start and stop your day at the same time every day
  7. Only commit yourself to one "project" at a time
  8. Use Google Alerts to minimize forum browsing and web surfing as much as possible
  9. Identify and remove "problem words" such as work which kill your productivity
  10. Start every day with a walk or run around your neighborhood
  11. Finish any tasks (especially freelancing) way before it's due
  12. Stay off your computer, laptop, and email as much as possible throughout the day, and don't check email until the afternoon
  13. Make decisions quickly
  14. Schedule as many blog posts, autoresponder emails, and membership sites ahead of time
  15. Only strive to be 80% perfect
  16. Stop using your whiteboard and spend 24 hours of continuous downtime from the computer this week
  17. Install and use the Roboform browser plugin to manage your passwords

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