024: How to Backup, Clone and Protect Your WordPress Sites Using Backup Creator

Check out today's podcast to discover the must-have tool you need to have in your business to backup, clone and protect all your websites using just one plugin called Backup Creator...

Listen inside today's show to discover:

  • How to adjust your mindset to finish what you start (warning: the two questions I ask at the beginning may shock or offend you)
  • How to make websites fast
  • Why you'll save weeks of time with a rollback and staging area
  • How to make money setting up websites for offline businesses (in seconds) and generate instant cash flipping your sites (virtual real estate)
  • And more

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Question for you below: Do you use Backup Creator? Or a backup and cloning tool? What's your best tip or small piece of advice for someone managing or building websites?

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  1. Your podcasts seem to get more comfortably presented every time.

    Thanks again for another spot-on presentation for your products.
    You seem to present concepts/tips that are doh! moments for me. As in, why didn’t I think of that!

    Looking forward to the next one.

  2. I use Backup Creator as both a Backup tool and as a way to start new sites.

    I have a ‘standard’ starting site (i.e., the plugins I like, the settings I like, etc.) the gets me going whenever I create a new site.

    It is a great time saver as I do not have to download, install and then configure each plugin that I am using.

    I also use it to make a backup of my sites so that I have it in the event of emergency. Anytime I update a site’s plugin, theme, or WordPress, I take a backup as a safety measure!

    Thanks for everything!

    Be Well.

  3. Your word pictures keep getting more inventive, Robert . . .LOL

    My website design clients love Backup Creator. It gives them warm fuzzies to know they won’t lose all the work they do on their blogs and websites.

    I’ve been moving all of my clients from an old hosting company (who won’t let me use Backup Creator) to a new hosting company who does. It takes hours to get a website moved over and get all the details down correctly. While I’ve done it a number of time, it requires quite a bit of focus to make sure i don’t miss anything.

    My favorite part of backup creator (with my new hosting company) is how easy it is to setup a new WP install. I use Backup creator to clone my basic test site. It saves me so much time getting my plugins moved over to each new site I design. It also helps me have the latest updates on the new site as well.

    Thanks for making my life easier, Robert! It’s worth the effort to get everyone moved over so their websites are backed up and new websites are easy to create.

    Theresa 😎

  4. Hi Robert,

    Talking about not using the correct things that I have access to, really shows that one has to start thinking properly.
    It has taken ages to create a website and I haven’t used your Backup Creator yet, definitely not using my head on that point.
    Will add it today.

  5. Hey Robert. I bought backup creator a few months back and it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made. You can’t put a price tag on something that can literally save you thousands of hours of your hard earned work. $7 for the single site license is a steal!

  6. Philip Rees says:

    I love how I got started with just $7 ! Can you imagine a more satisfying purchase knowing all the hard work is recoverable in double quick time:) I have yet to find anyone who doesn’t know of some issue with losing work stored on a computer!

    Thankfully I got in a long time ago so I know how great a tool Backup Creator really is. Not just backing up but an effective tool to clone and reproduce a site to deploy elsewhere.

    I love that you keep improving the feature set too with additional storage features. I am going to get the developer version so I can extend my security to that of my clients safe in the knowledge that from my very first site I have already been able to simply pick up the pieces and restore my hard work in a moment without fuss or issues of any kind.

  7. Howard says:

    I too use Backup Creator for both backing up my sites and for giving me a good basic foundation when I start new sites. I am especially pleased with the DropBox functionality.

  8. Cecil Ming says:

    Back up Creator has saved my bacon more than once already. … Emergencies do happen, Murphy s Law is always looking for opportunity!

    You answered some questions I had in this episode! many ways to do things.
    Thank you


  9. Anna Faulds says:

    I’ll definitely be purchasing this plugin for my website. I think it was hacked already, but I do have backups in an email address I can refer to for a copy that was before the hacking happened.
    Being able to clone my website to try out new things will be a big help as I learn more and new ideas come to me for my website.

    Thanks Robert


  10. Shirley Carolan says:

    Robert: I just lost a website I had for 7 years and I feel like I’ve lost a part of myself! I want to learn all I can about “Backup Creator” so that I can use it when I build a new WordPress website.

    Thank you for this wonderful gift/information. It will give me some peace of mind!

  11. Cliff Rosang says:

    Just DO IT ! Don’t do what I did, (took 8 months to do the 5 minutes work to protect a solid month of Site Creation). Just follow easy direction, install, and RUN !

    I’ve cloned a Site to another domain – perfect results.

    Only tip I got – Do IT NOW.


  12. lusekelo says:

    i never used back up, and my sites got hacked once or twice thank you for the tip i will start using it

  13. Len says:

    Sounds good an I will check it out.

  14. WordPress sites & blogs take much more work than an HTML website.
    To lose a WP site that’s been carefully set up is a tragedy.
    But the worst form of loss is to hackers…

    For that reason, if you have C-Panel hosting, NEVER install WP with Fantastico. Always choose Softaculous. It creates safe and perfect back-ups. Fantastico, on the other hand, has serious vulnerabilities… every WP installation I’ve done with the latter has been hacked instantly or within minutes (at all my hosting accounts).

    Huge thanks to Robert Plank for the opportunity to comment here 🙂

  15. Jerry McCoy says:

    I use Backup Creator to manage multiple sites for myself, my partner and clients because a clean backup is the only fast way to restore a broken site. With auto-update now happening with WordPress, it’s only a matter of time before an update breaks your site.

    We also use test domains to build sites for clients then move them to the final URL just before going live. Backup Creator makes tis chore a breeze.

  16. Bill says:

    Hey Robert,
    I never really thought about backing up my word press site and your system looks like it will really be good to implement. I am going to get it today.

  17. Bob Marconi says:

    Yes I do use a backup product. I’ve used this product for several years and very satisfactorily.

  18. I use Backup Creator on all my WordPress sites and the S3 backup feature is especially helpful because now my backups don’t clog up my hosting servers but instead go to my Amazon S3 account. As you know, those “unlimited” hosting accounts aren’t really unlimited because when you have too many files on your shared servers, you start getting error notifications and warnings. I’m also continually making improvements and trying new things on my sites, so it’s especially helpful that my sites are backed up automatically like clockwork. If anything goes wrong, I can restore any version of any of my sites with just a few clicks. Backup Creator gives me peace of mind and in fact, since I’ve setup my automatic backups, I literally never think about it. It just gets done. Robert, this is one of the most useful, helpful tools I’ve ever purchased. Thank you!

  19. Desmond Loy says:

    I am using Backup Creator for my own websites as well as for my customers’ websites for backup and cloning purposes.

    For the sole reason, you will never know what will happen to the host that is hosting your websites … they may just crash and burn one day .. for no reasons. Hence it is still best to save a copy offsite in your own hands.

    on building websites, when we clone a base-wordpress setup, basically we are able to build a fresh new website within the shortest time possible without having to search and configuring wordpress and the plug-ins over and over again … it really save you alot of time and efforts to the inital setup and focus more on putting in contents for your website.

    Hope this helps!


  20. David Ashton says:

    I use the backupcreator tool to not just secure my websites but I place every plugin that I use into a dummy website and use that site’s backup to launch a brand new website.
    Great time management tool, saved me a bucketload of time setting up a clients website the other week.

  21. John Kirk says:

    I totally agree with David Merrington about Softaculous vs Fantastico. It’s easier to set up a secure installation with Softaculous rather than the very insecure ‘standard’ installation. I also like that it informs me about WP upates, though now that WP (3.7 on) does core updates automatically is great. But even a good, secure installation isn’t foolproof. There are still a lot of ways to lose a site. Although there are plenty of backup plugins around, most only backup the database. With Backup Creator everything is backed up and that makes me feel more comfortable. Backing up content is good, but a lot of work goes into design, configuration and customisation of WordPress so backing up all site files is much better. Don’t forget that media files don’t live in the database either, they live in the file structure too, so database only backup is a flawed concept.

  22. J Freeman says:

    The ease of using Backupcreator has made protecting my sites a lot nicer for me and saves me loads of time, thank you for all the great products you create.

  23. Cararta says:

    Hi Robert,

    I bought Backup Creator when it was first introduced.

    Main reason? I was a complete newbie…couldn’t read and
    understand the geek to do a WordPress back up.

    Now, when I set up WordPress, the first plugin that goes in
    is Backup Creator.

    I either entirely create a new site or install what I call
    my template site and change it around to what I want.

    On one of my sites I’ve used it 7 times…I backup before I make changes, so when I screw up, what I had before I started making changes is there to use. Have also packed up this same site and moved it to different domain intact, then started over (a coaching class required use of a certain theme and I liked the one I was using) using the class required theme.

    BC is listed with a banner ad on the front of my blog under the
    Title:: Can’t Get By Without It

    Had a site on a Host I didn’t like, so BC and I just packed up and moved….
    I did a backup, saved to my E drive,
    pointed the name servers to my host,
    installed a fresh raw WordPress with Fantastico,
    uploaded BC and installed,
    did an update using the file I had saved on my E back up drive.

    Site Moved…didn’t take as long as typing this, except for the wait for
    the NS to change.

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