095: Tim Jensen Explains Amazon Retail Arbitrage

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Tim Jensen is one of our favorite Dropship CEO students. He and his wife in Onalaska, Wisconsin sell $1,000 of inventory through Amazon from retail arbitrage (scanning in items at discount stores and mailing them in) with no employees, from their living room and one-stall garage:

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Part 1: Big Picture (long term with Amazon)

  • invest in inventory
  • scale: invest the profits that come back in
  • inventory turnover: sell frequently (30-90 days after purchase, or dump what's not selling)
  • outsource some tasks: receipts, taxes, payroll

Part 2: Flexibility

  • sell evergreen items
  • Use CamelCamelCamel.com to see if Amazon is selling the item you want to sell (so you can avoid it)

Part 3: Pay Attention to Detail

  • make sure your UPC code matches the listing
  • follow the rules, there is no flying under the radar
  • supply and demand: people pay higher prices for convenience

Terms Tim Uses


  • inventory: the items you're selling
  • supplies: tape, boxes, etc.
  • sourcing: where your items are coming from
  • UPC: barcode
  • SKU: stock keeping unit
  • FBA: Fulfilled By Amazon
  • MF: Merchant Fulfilled
  • prep: bubble wrap, packing, labeling, etc.
  • RA: retail arbitrage
  • OA: online arbitrage
  • wholesale: purchase items in bulk
  • PL: private label (your own brand name)

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