1014: White Label IQ: Have The Best Talent At Your Service And Demonstrate Authority On The Market with Brian Gerstner

Monday, January 15, 2024

The world is changing fast. Things have gotten complicated. Nowadays, it is necessary to have the right skills to get more work done fast and with quality. But how could you find people with the specialized skills you need? Through White Label IQ, they can provide you with people with skills that deliver high-quality work. Now, you can focus more on the work that you do best while having peace of mind that the other task is done to a high standard.

Brian Gerstner is the president of White Label IQ, a company that thrives on providing design development, SaaS application development, and paid media for agencies. Brian is an expert at creating, directing, and leading teams of freelance professionals. His mission is to make agency life easier and more profitable. Tune in as Brian shares how to scale a team, the magic of going offshore, overcoming communication challenges, leadership skills, and many more!


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