1019: Entrepreneurial Mindset on Life, Business, and Scaling with Chad Price

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

What does entrepreneurship mean for people who want to create their path in the business world? It's a journey with challenges and victories, where you constantly pursue your vision. The beauty is in starting from scratch and facing daily battles with resilience and determination. Embrace uncertainty, learn from every experience, and have a mindset that thrives on change. In the world of entrepreneurship, each obstacle is a step toward success, and every setback is an opportunity to evolve and excel.

Chad Price is an International Business Consultant and Founder of an Inc. 5000 company. As a former college football scholarship athlete with a business degree, he possesses an extensive background in all sports and business. Listen to Chad's podcast as he shares valuable insights from his experience in sports and business, where he offers a unique perspective on entrepreneurship, success, and personal growth.


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