1020: Bright SEO Marketers: Marketing Insights for Business Growth with Jennifer Sutton

Friday, January 26, 2024

E-commerce isn't just a trendy thing; it's a powerful strategy that opens up incredible opportunities. Adding e-commerce to your business model allows you to reach a worldwide market, connect with more people, and increase your revenue. To make the most impact, make sure your online presence is easy to use, use data insights for targeted marketing, and keep up with changing consumer trends.

Jennifer Sutton is the Founder and CEO of BRIGHT+CO Marketing, a marketing community that brings together the best creative, strategic, business, and media minds to make their clients’ brands and dollars work harder, smarter, and more efficiently. As the founder and CEO of BRIGHT+CO, Jennifer has helped countless companies locally and nationally to increase sales, enhance profitability, handle crises, and grow their brand reputation. Jennifer will discuss innovative strategies for e-commerce success, consumer psychology, real insights, and KPI-driven growth. Stay tuned!


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