1071: Senior Living Solutions: Planning for Comfortable Aging in Place with President of Care Right Inc. Annalee Kruger

Friday, March 22, 2024

What do you think your golden years will look like, or how will you manage if your loved ones need more care than you can provide? It's a reality we all face but often push to the back of our minds, preferring to deal with it "someday." Yet, the truth is that aging and caregiving are parts of life that deserve our attention now, not when we're overwhelmed by the demands they bring.

Annalee Kruger is a family care planner who helps families navigate the complexities of elder care planning. Through her expertise and resources like the "Grab and Go Binder," Annalee simplifies preparing for aging, addresses caregiver burnout, and provides guidance on dementia care. Today, Annalee stresses the importance of early and comprehensive planning, legal preparations, open family communication, and much more so stay tuned!


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