261: The Entprepreneurial Mindset: Find Your Passion, Narrow Down Your Niche, and Diversify Your Income with Jason Hartman

Jason Hartman (JasonHartman.com) is all about having that healthy entrepreneurial mindset and wants to talk to you not only about his own up's and down's, but the common mistakes and solutions that we all face.

First, Jason realized early on that he loves to work and that his business actions represent his own creative expression. He also discovered that to narrow down that perfect niche, find your passion (that also results in income) and diversify so that it remains evergreen. To tackle frustrations and roadblocks, he treated himself as his own first client when it came to solving a problem and "building a better mousetrap."

Finally, Jason explains what drew him into the world of podcasting, as well as his number one secret about podcasting: that it's all about the listener, and not the guest.


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