300: Systems, Coaching, Peer Support, Massive Action, and Focus with Jason Treu

Motivational speaker Jason Treu wants you to enjoy better relationships in your entrepreneurial journey, career changes, and business transitions. He says that there are three pillars to success:

  1. have the right systems, processes, strategies, and best practices
  2. find coaching and mentors to shrink the path to where you want to go
  3. get peer support, others who know your pain, and develop relationship building skills

Jason provides a great deal of actionable advice in our discussion today to make those three items the best they can be. For example:

  • To improve your networking opportunities at events, research some of the speakers and perhaps high-profile attendees. Aim for 25 or so people. Pitch meetings beforehand, offer value, and interview them for podcast episodes
  • To locate a great mastermind, join one that costs money, dig into who's leading that group, and try it out for a meeting or two
  • To find an amazing mentor who's on their way up but is still approachable, read blogs and find successful people who look like rockstars but aren't quite to the "Pat Flynn" level yet


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