347: Real Estate Wholesaling: Build Wealth, Be Creative, and Make the Right Deal with Abhi Golhar

Abhi Golhar is a managing partner with the Atlanta real estate investment firm Summit & Crowne. He's also the host of the Real Estate Deal Talk podcast.

Whether you're looking to up your game with real estate, or you have disposable income and are looking to grow your money, Abhi is here to tell you that you can get more creative with real estate. You aren't stuck choosing between flipping or renting. There are many options available to you based on your personality.

For example, Abhi recommends real estate wholesaling, where you gather leads (from knocking on doors and stand-up signs) and perform research on viable properties and their sellers (homeowners), then create a contract and sell that information to a buyer (investor). That's just one of the many creative real estate cashflow ideas Abhi has to share with us today.


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