385: Sell on Amazon in Europe for More Traffic, More Sales, More Exposure and More Money with Marketplace Superhero Stephen Somers

Stephen Somers says that, when it comes to selling on Amazon FBA, you're leaving money on the table unless you're selling in Europe. You can mail inventory to the UK and enjoy listings in Amazon marketplaces like the UK, France, Italy, Spain. Stephen explains what you need to know about setting up your European business identity and VAT tax compliance.

Just imagine if you applied the "Rule of Five" and sold 5 products, in 5 countries, 5 units per day, at 5 dollars each. That totals $18,750 in 30 days or $225k in a year, so why wouldn't you list your products in multiple Amazon marketplaces? He also believes that your products should be B.E.S.T.: Boring, Established, Sustainable, and Tangible.


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