701: Awareness, Actions, Vulnerabilities, Engagements: Communicate Effectively and Design Your Mind to Be Kind with Elizabeth Barry

Elizabeth Barry's upcoming book is "Design Your Mind to be Kind." She's here to talk about the 3 habits of effective communicators and the 7 personalities to become effective communicator.

We all need to be a life long learner when it comes to communicating, listening, speaking out truth, saying what we mean and meaning what we say. 

It's all about being brave and courageous to live in our moment of truth but to speak it kindly.

  • Its all about designing your mind to be kind through  our COMMUNIICATION HABITS.
  • Its based in nature,there are macrophotographies and photographies of wildlife like birds and insects credit to @wildjerseycity instagram account.
  • It features more on nature of birds which is related to the 3 habits of effective communicators.

The 3 habits of effective communicators

To follow the catch - first method

  • Catching our selves are really difficult especially if our relationship and communication breaks down.
  • We need to learn to catch our selves, our words, our phrase eetc
  • The idea of this catch is it comes to AWARENESS and ACTIONS

AWARENESS - can help us to understand we don't have to say things in the meaning ways, in the way that we wish to and take it back to the real time.

ACTION - Awareness is nothing without action. You apologize in real time or holding our words in especially hurting people

To fly above yourself - just like the birds wings

  • touching your weaknesses humility and vulnerabilities 
  • it happens when you are in the moment of stress, obstacles,  challenges of communication breakdown see how you react
  • real time practical tip: fly above your self meaning think of your greatest mentor

Use your words wisely- like birds singing nicely

  • tips to lessen our speaking, listening and taking care to our selves
  • gaining real time engagement
  • in a conversation, thinking how worthy are you in corporate or in entrepreneur

These habits will help to reflect oneself to become better person and communicator. Transformation is not just sharing quotes, memes and articles through social media. It needs WORK.


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