903: Postalytics: Direct Mail Automation and Postcard Marketing That Integrates With Your HubSpot, Salesforce or Zapier Based CRM with Dennis Kelly

Direct mail automation allows you to produce personalized letters and cards, which also offers full-service printing and mailing services, tracking, tracing, and impact measurement when combined with direct mail and CRM integration. Such technology might be considered to be old-school by many since it has been around forever and has already “peaked” however, email inboxes nowadays have been very difficult to manage due to a blow up in digital and email marketing, causing a massive bloat in marketers’ inboxes and prices getting inflated. Direct mail brings you back to the basics with its more simple and integrated features.

Dennis Kelly is the CEO of Postalytics, a rapidly expanding software firm that automates direct mail marketing, tracks performance, and links it to CRM/Marketing Automation. Boingnet, a program utilized by direct mail service providers and agencies to offer landing pages and email campaigns that supplement individualized direct mail, gave rise to Postalytics. In this episode, Dennis talks about Postalytics and digital marketing along with some advice that will definitely help anyone on any type of business.


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