977: Instantly Relevant: Warm Up and Convert LinkedIn Leads From Authentic Engaging AI Content with Thomas Helfrich

The use of AI in business operations and marketing has become not only important but also useful in today's rapidly evolving digital environment. With that being said, there is a common misconception that it will completely replace humans in various jobs, leading to widespread unemployment. However, it is important to realize that rather than replacing humans, AI has the potential to enhance our capabilities, making us more efficient and effective in our work. The key is to adapt and acquire the skills necessary to work alongside it.

Thomas Helfrich is the CEO and founder of InstantlyRelevant.com, a pioneering company specializing in LinkedIn lead generation, AI-powered marketing services, and social media strategy and coaching. With a career spanning over two decades, Thomas has excelled in consultancy, advisory roles, and entrepreneurship. Today, Thomas will talk about the world of artificial intelligence, explore the importance of LinkedIn for business growth, and effective strategies for warming up and nurturing your leads. Stay tuned!


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