990: The Power of Playing Offense and Making Better Decisions Faster: Unlock Leadership Excellence with Paul Epstein

Making confident decisions is important in mastering various aspects of life. When confronted with a difficult choice, overcoming self-doubt becomes essential to avoid being paralyzed by uncertainty. Stress and anxiety often accompany these pivotal moments, but acknowledging them and developing resilience can lead to better decision-making. Ultimately, navigating through uncertainties with a confident mindset allows one to shape their path and achieve personal growth.

Paul Epstein is a seasoned professional with almost fifteen years of experience as a sports executive for various NFL and NBA teams, a global sports agency, and the NFL league office, specializing in leadership and organizational culture, providing guidance and coaching to business teams. Today, Paul will discuss making confident decisions, and mastering aspects of life by overcoming self-doubt, stress, and anxiety when faced with a crossroads. Stay tuned!


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