A big part of why I can get so much accomplished is from challenges. I consider a challenge to be something somebody dares you to do that is totally ridiculous.

Remember the Daily Video Challenge?  I dared you guys to record one video a day for 30 days to get the hang of it.  Most people didn't get through all 30 days but they still recorded a handful of videos they otherwise wouldn't have made.

I attempted a challenge this last weekend.  The challenge was to record 100 videos in one work day.  I "failed" and only made it to 50.  Now I have a handful of videos I can market on YouTube as video responses, I can insert a few in my sales letter and I have a ton of very easy to implement pre-sale and post-sale follow-ups for a couple of my products.

Most of the stuff I did this month was the result of a challenge... the 30K Month challenge... and I'm close to $20,000 for the month so far... I might even break over it today when our PHP Copywriting class fills up -- there are still a couple of slots for people eager to learn how to write sales copy the easy way, and add a few conversion-boosting PHP scripts without any real work.

Heck, on the phone last night, I challenged my business partner Jason to speak at an internet marketing event within 30 days.  He kept talking all kinds of NLP tricks he could use onstage, so I finally said, "Just DO it!"  I don't care if he presents at a super crazy big Armand Morin style seminar if a speaker backs out or if it's at a tiny little Terry Crim event where no one attends.  If he has to give 100% of the commission to the seminar host, or donate whatever percentage of his backend sales to a charity, even PAY to speak there... it's got to be possible.

Even if he doesn't do it, even if it takes 60 days to speak at an event, that's still an accomplishment!

You have to have unrealistic goals to get a lot of stuff accomplished... you just have to.

Okay, your turn.  Can you try something for me... choose one of the 7 choices below, and DO that thing by this time tomorrow.  Knock TRY to knock out just one of the tasks below... it doesn't matter if you can't go all the way.  If you choose to write 10 articles, and only write 3, that's probably 3 more than you would have made... if you didn't have that pressure.

  1. Write 10 articles and have them published by this time tomorrow.
  2. Write a quick report (and launch it) by this time tomorrow.
  3. Write and schedule the next 5 e-mails you're going to send to your list.
  4. Record 10 quick videos by this time tomorrow and upload them all to YouTube.
  5. Host a webinar or teleseminar by this time tomorrow, even if it's a freebie call-in gift to your list.
  6. Interview someone (or be interviewed) for 20 minutes before this time tomorrow.
  7. Take a product that's been lying around on your hard drive collecting dust... and freaking launch it!

Are you going to try out my challenge?  Which item did you pick?

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  1. John Taylor says:

    I didn’t pick any of your challenges. None of them fit into MY marketing schedule. They would have distracted me from achieving the objectives I alraedy have for this week.

  2. I pick number four, only I’m gonna make it 11 – and I want them all done within 6 hours from now. I also won’t be uploading them on YouTube, but that’s another story.

    @John Taylor. You are a grumpy old git. LOL. Keepin’ it real bro. xD

  3. Yes I remember the video challenge. I recall making it to day 3..and then failing. Hehe. Of course back then I wasn’t using Camtasia.

  4. Robert Plank says:

    Ok John, old fart, then use one of your objectives for this week as a challenge.

  5. Hey Robert,

    Great article. I actually went full time from the result of a challenge. I challenged myself to build a Business instead of a “hobby”. Once I did that… The rest is history.



  6. Eugene Humbert says:

    I’m not into internet marketing, so none of your challenges pertain to me. Also, the $350 you want for your class is way outside my abilities right now. Sorry, I just can’t afford that kind of luxury when my income is so limited.

  7. Robert Plank says:

    Eugene, you can record videos, write articles, create products, send e-mails etc. in any niche… it doesn’t have to be internet marketing.

    Come on, guys! David W’s the only one who’s taken on a challenge? It doesn’t have to be from that list above, it can be one of your own challenges!

  8. Hey Robert,

    I’m shooting for completing #1 with 10 articles and use my WP plugin to have all 10 scheduled for autoposting to one of my niche golf blogs and also #7 to finish setting up a new niche MRR site that I have done new graphics on, but need to finish the $7 script setup and test out here

    The WP auto content plugin was still acting squirly with the article posting since I last left you that VM so i’ll let you know if its still giving me any problems with only posting the first sentence of an article or doing extra spacing, etc for the articles.

    Great challenge amigo!

    Many Blessings,
    Jerold Johnson
    Los Angeles, CA

  9. William says:

    Ok, I read your challenge a little bit ago, and went ahead and wrote my copy for my new website. As I am writing this I am uploading the index page now.

    I took me one hour to write the copy. I used your FFC, course to churn it out.
    I love your FFC course.

    The site is uploaded and in now way done yet. But it is now up and live for all to see.

    Now I am going to go start writing a six part e-course for my auto responder. Can I get it done tonight?
    We will see.

  10. Robert Plank says:

    Thanks William, that’s very kind!

    Of course you can get that 6-part autoresponder course finished tonight. You only need one tip per e-mail in an autoresponder…

    So if you normally write articles with 3 tips in each article… writing 6 e-mails is the equivalent of writing 2 articles. Just 2!

    And if you get stuck you can always have a couple of e-mails say nothing other than: “It’s been 10 days since you started using this course, did you get to _____ yet? If not, flip the ebook open to page 17 and do ____ right now!”

  11. Dan says:

    Glad 6ou’re online

    I have such a hard time getting and staying focused I need retailers like you to keep track of what I’ve bought so that I can still get it after losing it on my hard drive (ex hard drive!)

    I just want to push a few buttons and have the ATM spit out money by accident!

    You have to have a dream, hope, motivation, effort, organization, focus and more (besides a good idea!) to make it work.

    Can I lease your organization, self motivation and focus skills?


  12. Sergio says:

    I just read your email Robert. I can’t believe it took me 30 minutes to decide accepting a challenge… Same time it would have taken me to write one or two articles… Total waste of time!

    I need to FOCUS!! Where have I heard that??? 😉

    Ok, I pick 10 articles (#1). I’m gonna surprise my mentor 😉


  13. Stephen Dean says:

    I saw your challenge this morning when I woke up and was happy to see I already blocked time for it. I felt like I cheated! Cheers, #6 done.

  14. William says:

    Hey, to let you know I got the ar series finished. Thanks to your advice and page 17.


  15. Mike says:

    This was a nice kick in pants! I challenged myself to finish some critical pieces that I’ve been sitting on. I love lists, but these items have been on my to-do list for days without any progress. I cleared my calendar and finished everything in a relatively short time frame. thx.

  16. Philip Jubb says:

    I decided on 1000 followers on twitter in 24 hrs. Hmmm 942 in 18hrs so far and stopped by Twitter. I’ll start again in a couple of hours.

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