003: How to Create an Information Product in 48 Hours and Sell 1000 Copies

If you'd like to explain something once (in a few minutes to an hour) and get paid over and over again, have fun doing it, stop trading your time for dollars and start trading your brain for dollars, then you need to create an information product. You need to use your information business to either function as its own passive autopilot income or to build up your service-based active income.

"How to Create an Information Product" FREE Report

Topics covered:

  • What's a typical day or week like for me?
  • PRODUCTIVITY TIP OF THE DAY: do it because you WANT to
  • The "WWHW formula" for instant product creation (Why, What, How, What-If)
  • How you'll always win finding a common need plus a hungry crowd
  • The "1 product 1 solution" strategy that never fails
  • How to create a PDF report, how-to videos, a live webinar class, or membership site using simple repeatable systems
  • THOUGHT OF THE DAY: are you leaking content out your ears yet?

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  1. Great and useful advice, Robert. Enjoying listening to your podcast while getting some work done today.

    Theresa 8-0

  2. Stacy says:

    Thanks for the podcast – sounds simple enough and easy to try with fairly low investment. I create “information products” for my clients all the time (step by step guides – of course part of my service is that they are specialized for their specific site). However, it should be easy enough to generalize those products for others. I’d be interested in a follow on podcast on how to get my information product recognized/noticed/seen. People won’t buy it if they don’t know it’s there.

  3. Hil says:

    EXCELLENT! Thank you, Robert!

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