088: Create More Free Time, Become Super Productive, and Enjoy the Money Making Process Again

"Be big enough to admit your mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them." -- John C Maxwell

Traps you fall into: perfectionist, self doubt, self defeatist, the stars have to align. I need to "force" myself into getting motivated. Yeah, right.
"Usual" advice I'll skip over: Four Daily Tasks + Camtasia babysitter + accountability partner + computer hotseat + one take content
Usually, the "thing" you have to do is just 5 minutes, or just 1 hour: speak out book, run webinar, send email
Stop multitasking with the phone, email, Facebook, TV. Leave it out of the room.

  1. Stop watching TV: biggest time waster (or at least put it off for a couple weeks)
  2. Schedule time on the calendar to get it done
  3. Throw away the old notes and papers, you don't need that clogging up your mind
  4. Don't walk into the office after a specific hour: this forces you to get more done
  5. Anchoring: associate your office, sitting at the computer with fun, creativity, productivity, flow state (leave windows open so you can sit down and go)
  6. Take short breaks without the phone: it'll be easier to multitask when you get back (take up walking during your breaks if you can)
  7. Spend just 5 minutes doing something you love like playing the piano
  8. Read a lot more: just one page per night
  9. Leisure goals: running a certain distance, scoring high at a certain sport (create something).
  10. Enjoy the "fun" of building your business. The meaning is what you make it. Get to the making-money phase and get to stoppable/resumable milestones.

Bonus: Wake up one hour early for an "easy" boost to the day.

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