256: Break the Cycle, Get Motivated and Do What Matters to Make Money

Do you know how time seems to speed up as you get older? The solution for that is to change up your experiences and do new things to slow time back down. Get out of the usual routine.

  • Go on a trip, spend weekends off the computer, walk, run or drive. Go to the movies. (Not TV.)
  • Productivity. Shut off email, phone and Facebook, and complete four money making tasks per day. Wake up early. Drink water.
  • Anchoring. If you're not making money at the computer, you associate computer time with "all that frustrating stuff." Know when you're "stuck" and leave the computer when that happens.
  • Stop resting on your laurels. You'll never get today back, ever again. Fish before you're hungry and don't try to play "catch up" so often.
  • Small wins. What can make you $10 or $100 today?

Know what questions you're answering in your mind. Know why you're doing what you're doing. For example, maybe the current problem you're trying to solve is to complete a website. Don't worry yet about making sales or dealing with refunds. Get the website COMPLETE first.

Sell what you sell. Membership site. Single payment. Deliver some videos that get them from point A to point B in four milestones of 60 minutes or so. Most people want beginner training.


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